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Tita Halaman

“Paintings with poems”, Tita Halaman is unlike any other visual artist. A young figurative expressionist that converts humans’ extreme emotions to something beautifully striking.

The artist name concept "Tita Halaman" is about a young person described as "Tita" for having an old soul personality and "Halaman" for being extremely awkward and introverted. Way back as a little child, she grew up so reserved and unsociable. “I was this timid type of nerd way back then. I don’t even play and socialize with other kids. I don’t talk that much and all I do is just get my notebook and pencil, draw some figures representing those words I wanted to voice out. My burning passion for art, it all started there. So I decided to name myself as Tita Halaman”

Her paintings are mostly described as “sad, yet hopeful”. It revolves around characters with dark, melancholic and chaotic faces mixed with loud textured strokes of colors overlapping on its frame. Tita Halaman's characters aim to express the beauty of deep seated faith and undying hope no matter how difficult the situation one may face in life. Her poems are mostly dramatic yet strongly inspiring and motivational. 

Every painting of the artist has its own, original, unique handwritten poem. The goal is to further reveal the beauty of the bold, raw emotion behind every story the artist wants to narrate to her audience. All poems of the artist’s paintings are also published online: and will be published soon as a book.

Other than being a visual artist, Tita Halaman is also a musician. She'll publish some of her original music inspired by her paintings and poems later this year, 2021

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