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Peculiar Images II

This time, his second solo show entitled “Peculiar Images II: The Sound of Silence” was held at an actual place: the Ronac Art Center in San Juan City. He presented nostalgic and bizarre illustrations of human figures with his trademark card faces.

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Escape into Wilwayco’s canvases

Art is such an important part of our culture. Just as we use words to express feelings and thoughts, there are a gifted few who use their hands to reinterpret their thoughts into beautiful, visual creations. Such is the gift of Edwin Wilwayco.

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'Art Detour' at Leon Gallery

Some months ago, one of the country’s most sought-after artist-managers Derek Flores of DF Art Agency teamed up with Leon Gallery International for “Art Detour.”

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This self-taught artist couple from Mindanao influence each other’s works in intriguing ways

Pongbayog’s father, who was a farmer, had dreams of being an artist, and these dreams would reach his son through stories. He carried these dreams with him as a young boy. 

"Peculiar Images" by Miller Laberinto

Virtual Solo Exhibition

It’s interesting to witness how budding, talented artist Miller Laberinto thrives in the art scene. This 24-year-old’s shadowy and cryptic style surely stands apart from the current crowd of young modern visual artists in the Philippines.

The secrets and life behind Dino Gabito’s drapes on canvas

Dino Gabito knows drapery and fabrics like the back of his hand but he doesn’t make clothes. He paints them on canvas, in white, yards and yards of them, and observes their behavior while suspended from an object or wrapping a human form.


"Consumed" by Anna Bautista

Solo Exhibition

It is very refreshing to witness someone young like 21-year-old visual artist Anna Bautista offer a fresh perspective and put a spotlight on excessive consumerism and its pitfalls.

"So Many Scars" by Angelo Quintos

Solo Exhibition

It’s very refreshing to see talented young artist Angelo Quintos in the local art scene. His genre is quite different from the present crop of young contemporary visual artists in the country.


It’s rare that when one walks into an exhibition, one is transported to the days of the Roman arena and Juan Luna’s Spoliarium. But that’s what happened at painter Orley Ypon’s exhibit titled Spectacula.


Some Pieces We Love From The Group Exhibition, "In The Near Distance"

A reflective exhibition puts together six artists exploring identity and sense of place


Art Moments Jakarta proceeds with a virtual show of spectacular Filipino artworks

The gallery showcases a capsule collection of Filipino artists slated to be shown in the international art fair, Art Moments Jakarta. However the pandemic forced a postponement of the event to June 3-6, 2021.


WFH during quarantine: DF Art Agency's Derek Flores

BEFORE the quarantine, Derek Flores, artist manager (he handles artists like Pong Bayog, Marrie Saplad, Bryan Teves, Anna Bautista, and Angelo Quintos) and managing director of DF Art Agency Inc.

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 12.52.44

How to be an art agent

I am better known in the art industry as a handler of artists.

—Derek Flores, founder, DF Art Agency


11 Filipino artists hold advanced virtual group  exhibit for Art Moments Jakarta

Eleven Filipino artists are holding an advanced virtual group exhibit of their spectacular artworks that will be showcased in next year’s international art fair, Art Moments Jakarta.


Rebooting the art scene: ‘Worst of times can make the best of art’

Online art is to art what virtual sex is to sex: At the end of the day, it’s just you and an LED screen.

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