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Anna Bautista

Anna Bautista is a 22-year-old undergraduate studying BA Communication Arts in De La Salle University Manila and one of the youngest talents managed by DF Artist Agency.


Growing up, Bautista was initially a student-athlete who would represent her school (Colegio San Agustin) in regional swimming events. It was during her freshman year in high school when she “discovered” she had a knack for the arts thanks to encouragement by her teachers at the time. She started simple with projects like drawing cheerleading outfits for her schoolmates. Eventually, she would create art on canvases, then walls, and then furniture.


Bautista describes her art style the same way she describes her life - as colorful bits of experiences that merge and form beauty. She also draws inspiration from books, films, and music. When it comes to artists she looks up to, Matisse, Basquiat, Rene Magritte, Keith Haring, Banksy, Piet Parra, Adam Lister and Adam Hoens. She makes use of the Détournement theory technique to address social issues in her paintings.


Despite being only 22 years old, Bautista’s art has already been exhibited around galleries in Metro Manila. In the three years that she’s painted professionally, she has already had two exhibits. ‘Consumed’, her first solo exhibit, tackled Filipino consumerism, philosophy and modern technology fused together by using ‘culture jamming’. ‘Pause’, a virtual solo exhibit, reflected the shifts that occurred as a result of the community quarantine as well as a tribute to our daily wage earners involved in the Local Trade. Aside from these exhibits, she has also collaborated with brands such as Jo Malone London and Guess Jeans USA. 


When she isn’t painting, Anna wears the hat of part-owner of SupportYourFriends, a creative agency that focuses on merchandising, graphic design, events, products, and advertising. She is also a founding member of the non-profit organization called “Young Leaders Council”, a group determined to put an end to OSEC in the Philippines. She is also currently the designer for UNKNWN and CC:Concepts. 


Bautista finds joy in spending time by the beach and exploring new things. She dreams of being able to work with Banksy some time in the future.

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